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Just LUV Coaching & Consulting
What we're About


You Can Be Your Best Self Everyday!

Just LUV is all about your confidence & wellness! Let's co-create a space, with you the client at the center. Our promise is to provide a safe, loving, and supportive environment that allows you to reconnect with yourself. Here at Just LUV it's all about self-love, self-confidence, self-care, self-empowerment, & wellness.

Just LUV was created by Shana Auguste the LUV Spreadah who needed a safe & inclusive space to grow in love with herself again. Shana's search led her to create her own space of deep healing.  With all she learned Shana could not keep such life-changing gems to herself. Just LUV is her way of sharing valuable strategies & resources with others who have faced the challenges of low self-esteem, depression, disconnection, anxiety, stress, and many other trials.


Heart-centric soul care is what Just LUV provides to you. Our mission is to not only spread love through our coaching, groups, & workshops but to provide every heart we touch with the tools to empower themselves and see themselves as the best prize of their life. There is only one you and you are #1. Learn how you can take your most passionate interests and use them to empower and love yourself daily. Make self-care exciting by doing what your soul truly loves.

We can continually vibrate at our highest levels, increase vitality, improve mental & emotional health, and clear new paths, by giving ourselves permission to explore our internal systems. Just LUV will support you in creating healthy boundaries, finding inner harmony, reconnecting with yourself, and releasing patterns that no longer serve you. Are you ready to usher in a new version of yourself!?!?

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