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Meet Shana Auguste, CPC

The LUV Spreadah

S. Auguste Head Shot Edited.jpg

I am Shana Auguste the owner and founder of Just LUV. I am a confidence & wellness coach certified by the Wainwright International School of Coaching. Obtaining my coaching certification was the first step on a journey I had already been traveling; empowering and spreading love to everyone I encounter!

I am a proud single mother of beautiful twin girls who are both on the spectrum! I am using my blessings, challenges & triumphs to coach women from a spiritual and heart centered space.


The truth is I struggled with my confidence as I adjusted to motherhood. I battled depression and suicidal thoughts. I didn’t feel good enough until I reached out for help and rediscovered my voice & worth. I was reminded that all I needed was always inside of me.


The support I received sparked my long-awaited passion for life coaching. Motivated to share the tools that helped me overcome my personal battles with low self-esteem, body shame, mental imbalance, motherhood, & career transition, Just LUV was born!


You can get career coaching, financial coaching, or even business coaching, but if you do not love and appreciate yourself, the deep sense of joy & satisfaction for your accomplishments will be nonexistent.


Working with me you will not only fulfill your desired goals, but you will also develop your unique way to nourish yourself every step of the way!


My foundations are rooted in serving my community from non-profit to for-profit. However, I spent the majority of my career in property management for over 16 years. I went from faking it in the last 5 years of my property management career to "faithing it". Leaving behind my accumulated experience to follow my high school passion for life coaching full-time.


My intuition was telling me if I was going to work hard at my career I need to be fulfilled and walk in my purpose. I realized my perspective on "work" has changed drastically since I've become a mother. I am no longer happy or satisfied with collecting a check just for the sake of security. 


I discovered the feeling my work gives me directly impacts my mothering for the best and for the worst. Once I understood that, it became a top priority to create personal fulfillment through my work. 


I began to see my career from a lens that excites, encourages, empowers, and nourishes me. That is when I started to accomplish every single goal I set for myself. I am on a passionate mission to support other mothers of color in reframing their narratives to support a new an improved version of themselves. My coaching is all about inner work, awareness, healing, creating new beliefs, and most importantly self-love!

You are courageous! You are more than enough! Together we will live in our truth and walk in our purpose with our heads held to the sky!

"My souls purpose
is to
spread LUV everywhere I go."

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